Frostbite - Chasing Suns OST

by Blood-Chain Productions

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This is a compilation of track from and for Book 1 of the Blood Chain Productions machinima series, Frostbite. The soundtrack features songs and instrumentals by Eric Faries and Lord Okkoto (Featuring Trae Coker and Iain Ewing from the Frostbite cast)


released May 10, 2011

Eric Faries-Guitar/Vocals/Synth/Drum Programming

Iain Ewing-Vocals
Trae Coker-Guitar/Vocals
James Smith-Drums/Vocals
Garret Ormsby-Bass/Vocals



all rights reserved


Blood-Chain Productions Aurora, Missouri

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Track Name: Trae Coker - Brotherhood
Before you put me in the ground
Your going to sit and listen to what I have to say

Now you don't have to necessarily agree with it
And you don't have to necessarily believe in it
But this is going to have been the greatest thing me and my friends have ever done
Collectively, Individually over the span of our small existence
And if you think for one moment we are going to pass that up
Then my brother, my sister, you have never truly felt the ecstasy held within the passion of living

Now I'm not about to apologize for it
But I'm not going to wake up every morning a subject to your never ending rat race
Forever chasing after illusions, delusional ideals of happiness and pleasure
Running and running until we're tired, dying, dead

You owe it to yourself and to anyone who's ever loved you to be exactly what you want to be
Be exactly what you want to be because when you are strapped to your deathbed
Whether it's lying mangled, melting between the steel pages of your favorite automobile
Or lying comfortably, or at least as comfortable as I imagine one can be in such an instance
Your family and friends coaching you through your final few moments
I want to be able to look back at every waking moment of my being and be able to say I did exactly what I wanted to do
Do exactly what you want to do because in that final moment of nervous, gut-wrenching anxiety I can swear to you nothing else will matter
Was it time well spent?

Well I know I'm not going to fade out another sad, sad soul
Another slave to this system, this natural order that we are raised to believe is right
And I'm not about to apologize for that
This rat's not going to limit itself to your maze
Inside these poorly crafted walls we build so tall
When will we reach the end? Who knows!
What's going to be waiting for us when we get there? Well I couldn't tell you that either
And don't you ever be sure you've got it all figured out

Question yourself
Question everything around you
This world we live in is dead if not dying, how can you stomach that?
How can you sit by as everything you've ever loved is slowly killed right in front of you?
It's disgusting
It's disgusting how we make ourselves comfortable inside these walls
Comfortable with who we are, comfortable with where we're at, comfortable to die
To afraid to think outside these walls, to think of what may lie beyond

Somewhere along the way we lost ourselves
Somewhere along the way we lost our passion, we lost our originality, our creativity
Forever chasing after illusions, delusional ideals of happiness and pleasure
Running and running until we're tired. Dying. Dead.

We are all dead
Track Name: Eric Faries - Youth Is Wasted
Call the phone
no ones home
i watch tv
and smoke some weed
dont even care
look at my hair
here me moan
but no ones home

Im Wasted! X7

Play some games
your all the same
we screw all night
pass the light
whats the point
there is no point
the games we play
we sleep all day

Im Wasted! X7
Track Name: Okkoto - Childhood
You know I'm always thinking about dying
I hate the idea of it, but the truth is I'm infatuated by it
I want to be lost in that moment
I want to know that feeling, falling from a building
I want to know a white haired woman
Someone who can tell me everything
I want to be lost, I want to be aware in my last moment
And I want my last moment
I don't want to die in my sleep
I want to lose myself in a breath of smoke
I want to lose everything just to know what it was

Don't listen to a word I say I'll just regret it
Because what is life but one giant missed opportunity

And I want that flash before my eyes, that flash of everything I have forgotten
And I have forgotten so much
Track Name: Okkoto - Mathlete
Side by side things fell in line, we've kicked the habit
We rewrote our names, the day and age may have changed, but we sure as hell haven't
Opening, the path doesn't matter
Opening another chapter

I would rather die than never speak again or bite my tongue
Paralyzed, I'd never walk again before you can take that from me so listen

(time) (flies) (us) (home)
I can't control time but I think that I know how to use it
I can't control time so let's make the best of this
I'm not going to wait around for time to fly me home

Outside! I can't believe it's happening
I've got my friends standing near
I've got a pitcher of beer
And some dude is lighting fireworks
Get Outside! "Man you've got to take a picture of this!"
My Brothers by my side
Aristocrat on the ice
Oh no the room is spinning again


Cowards Coyotes, Wide-eyed
Thieving foxes, wide-eyed
Cowards coyotes, wide-eyed
All us foxes
Wide-eyed, wide-eyed, wide-eyed, wide
Which am I? Which are we?

The seat under my ass
And the floor under my feet
Tells me I'm alive
Best friends watching patterns
Listening to Circa Survive

I can't remember myself as a distinct mind in a distinct space
As all around me time stands still
Like a picture, I'll forever be sealed in my frame

I'll forever be sealed in my frame

Side by side things fell in line, we've kicked the habit
We rewrote our names, the day and age may have changed, but we sure as hell haven't
Opening, the path doesn't matter
Opening, for what
For what comes after
Track Name: Okkoto - Global Warming
The good death is that by art
The bad is that by butchery
This could prove a burning bridge
At least in terms of you and me
I'm the artist
Your the butcher
I guess that still makes us friends
Ditch your clothes
And ditch your "feelings"
I'm in this for the benefits

My opinion's nothing more than artificial flavors

And this is a love letter I etch-a-sketched in the dirt
"Oh, what a night, to be alive!"

I've been sifting through these memories
Searching for a single thought that belongs to me
To me
You've been drinking so much sarcasm
Now your breath smells of irony
You've been drinking too much sarcasm
Now your breath reaks of irony

I have been proofreading your "note-to-self"
And I must say there are several grammatical errors

But, my opinion's nothing more than artificial flavors

Who in the world taught you proper english?

The unstoppable force just met
The immovable object
And introduced itself with words
That when spelled out don't make much sense
One more thing miss
Did I mention
I don't like your
Short attention
One more thing miss
Did I mention
I don't like your
Short attention

This is a love letter...
I was supposed to take a trip down memory lane
But my flight got cancelled

Ever since I could remember
I've been dressed to impress
I am dressed to impress
I am dressed to impress

Artists can butcher too!
Track Name: Okkoto - That Iain Kid Smells Like Piss
You've got eyes
You've got eyes, my dear, that make my twin tongues tie
Tie themselves up tight
You've got time
You've got time and space that bent the sky
But no one knows this time.
I asked, "where do I go when I die?" And you said, "No one really dies. No one dies," but
You've got mind
You've got mind and soul, but what I have myself is why I never stand still
I move around to know that I'm still here and I'm still alive and I can try to fight it, but I'll find that I can't.
Turn on the light!
Open wide!
I find myself receding, and I'm repeating everything I've already said, but I can't help but say it all over and over, over and over again.

All our fathers cried
Their lives had passed them by
Said, "Son, don't waste no time,
Them stars don't shine so bright"
Oh, my father cried
His hand was clasped in mine
Said, "Son don't waste your time,
Or you'll find your life like mine"

You'll find your life like mine
You'll find you have so little time
So little time

I swear to God when I die,
I won't be satisfied
I thought I had so much more time
I swear to God, I'm passing you by

Oh son of mine, oh son of mine
Will you please look me in the eye
Oh son of mine, oh son of mine
I'm passing you by
Track Name: Okkoto - What Thousand Words Does This Picture Paint
Come and browse the little help I provide
It dwells in the one place you never searched, it dwells inside
I watched a sinkhole swallow the continents
Spit out the ocean and cough up the monuments
I didn't run, I sat in awe and I gazed
Describe yourself in three words:
A Blank Page

And all they've ever wanted was to be something important to someone else
and so they try, and so they try

Sit let's have a talk
Bleed the pen
Grind the chalk
I've got questions regarding these happenings
Sit so we can talk
Bleed the pen
Grind the chalk
I've got concerns concerning both you and me
We make it up as we go along so
We don't know how it ends
Loose or win
It's all just make believe
Look into my eyes there's nothing to fear
If it's not in the brochure you won't find it here!